All Stromdal Design products are handmade, produced with love and attention from highest quality materials.


In order to provide products of highest quality, we control all the process from sawmill to delivery.

All planks, which are used in our furniture, have been hand sorted – this way we secure the best materials for a Strømdal table. The planks have been air-dried for 3-4 years and then kiln-dried for 2-4 months (depending on wood type and thickness) to achieve humidity level of 10-12%. It is needed to prevent wood from stressing and turning. However, since wood is a living material, one can expect some minor cracks and twists when the climate changes in or outside.

All wood which is used in our furniture comes from sustainable forests and is certified according to the local rules, where the tree has been growing.

Our partners are located in Europe, Asia and North America. Cooperation with these sawmills is important for our inspiration and add a lot to the development of unique Strømdal Design products.


We offer two types of tabletops for dining tables:

  • One plank top: the tabletop is made of one full plank, without any joints.
  • Sister plank top: the tabletop is made from two planks, they are cut next to each other from the same log. They have the same structure and look because they were mirrored and carefully joined together with a special glue.

Oak furniture has natural edges. Birch furniture has bark edges, which have been preserved after the unique drying process.
You can get Strømdal Design table in four different colors:

oakNature Oak

walnutBrown Walnut

whiteBright White

charcoalRustic Black


Table tops are treated with Rubio Monocoat, a natural oil, which protects the surface and helps the wood to stay perfect indoors.
More: www.monocoat.us

Very stable table legs are designed so that it is possible to sit/move chairs comfortably all around the table. They can easily be mounted or dismounted with a wrench.



Together with a table from Strømdal Design you will get a beautiful numerated certificate with the same number as the number plate mounted under the table top. It contains details what the table has been made of, the origin of the tree, date of production and proves the authenticity of the purchased item.

Certificate included with all our tables



included with all our tables

We exhibit many of our furniture in our showrooms.
One is located close to the seafront in Ringkøbing, Denmark and another in beautiful surroundings on the riverfront in Vilnius, Lithuania
Feel free to contact us for a showcase.

Strandkanten 14, 6950 Ringkøbing, Denmark [map]     |     Šaltūnų g. 2, 04132 Vilnius, Lithuania [map]




Strømdal Design

Nature. History. Soul.


Strømdal Design offers more than solid rustic tables of the highest quality. We offer your home a living piece of Nature, with incredible history, character and Soul.

Ole Garsdal
Director & Founder

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Ole Garsdal is educated as a joiner and a wood technologist. His experience comes from the furniture industry in Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania and includes: production management in hard and softwood furniture factories, trouble shooting and supply of turnkey solution within cutting tools and sales of industrial machines to the furniture industry, he has been self-employed since 1998.
High quality, reliability, no compromises and good craftsmanship have always been the driving elements in his works inside the furniture industry.

Vytautas Paukštė
Sales Manager

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Vytautas Paukste has graduated with Batchelors degree in International business in Concordia International University, in Estonia, Tallinn. Vytautas is outgoing, open and creative person who worked with sales during all of his professional career, whether it would be real estate, consumer electronics, publishing or fashion industries.
Vytautas is fond of products, which have idea, history, confidence, impeccable quality and a lot of heart.